#3 5/5/2020



She is brave in the woods and loves the animals. She is smart . ” She knew what to do when a grizzly was about to attack her”. She is not scared. She is very heartbroken . Because her mom passed. She is very helpful. Wants to be a big helpful sister. She fast . In text it says how she ran from grizzly into tree. Mel is very tough. In the text it said  that she did not even feel the claw scratch. She is fearless . there was a grizzly near by and she was not scared .

would i rather spend the weekend with my friends or by myself? 5/5/2020

I would rather spend my weekend with my friends. But I wish the coronavirus would go away  . So now i change my mind. I would rather stay home and spend time with my family.And ride the bikes and four wheeler.

#4 4/28/2020

In my book i would ask three questions to 3 Characters. I would ask Cassie first. Why is she not there with Mel when  she got attacked. My 2nd question goes to Mel. Mel how did you not feel any pain of the claw of the bear. I would have cried so long and not even look at it. My 3rd question goes to The chief of all the parks. To Help feed these poor bears and give them good food. maybe that’s why they eat garbage and attack people or kill them.

would i rather stay up all night or wake up early. 4/28/2020

I will rather stay up at night and watch TV. Why because my baby brother wakes up at 8:00 am and he has his time to watch TV. That’s why i would stay up all night watching TV. I also would want surprise my mom cleaning the house at night and she give me a prize after.

Free write 4/21/2020

What have i been doing?

I have been grounded for about 3 weeks and it is very boring. I would love to come back to school. I miss doing your work in the class. I have to cut the grass today and i am excited but im not getting paid of course. I want the Coronavirus to go away forever. What have you been doing?

Number 4. 4/15/2020

I would love to write a letter to Mel.

Dear, Mel

I want to ask you are you scared of grizzly bears. Im scared of bears . I always run what should I do. I am also not good at being calm. What should i do.I have a few more questions How does it feel to see a grizzly bear die from trash. I bet is it horrible. What if yall could pick all the trash at the park and take all the bear to a other park. And when yall are done get them back and everything is good. I also want to say is there anybody getting hurt.



What is my Favorite place to go when Im restless.

When I feel restless I like to go outside. Because every time my sister annoy me I feel like hitting something. So that’s why I go outside . Even if Im frustrated on something.

How Much Freedom do I have online

I have no freedom online because of my mom. She takes everything serious . I want to be on it every day but cant. I have things to do. I can’t be on social media a lot because all the bad stuff. I also cant get on it because of I put my name on it every time.


Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening – whenever you are reading this.

You now have another choice for journal writing.

You can choose “Free Write” – write about what is going on in your life at this time. Same rules apply- at least 4 complete sentences. Make sure you say that your journal is a free write in the title or body.

Thank you! Love you all, and I miss you!!


#2 My Connection between my book and my life 10 sentences


A connection between my life and the book is getting hurt like Mel she got glass stuck into  her foot. Same as Kevin he got cut on his knee from running and fell on his knee. This compares how I get hurt. I get hurt from running and falling down I also get glass stuck on the bottom of my foot. A other connection to the story of how the kids are always in the woods. Im always in the wood if i go there is no going home. A other connection to the story is dangerous animal in the woods and i never run i walk calmly back. like in the text Mel saw a grizzly bear and new what to do walk slowly backwards.

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